Who We Are



To Reach, Encourage, and Equip one life at a time, to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.



Reach is less about a marketing strategy and more about the permission people give us to speak into their lives.  At ECC it is our metric for influence, whether we are reading the Bible together or fixing someone's car.  


Encouragement has become a bad word in our culture, one that invokes vulnerability and the trouble of self-sacrifice.  But at ECC, it is the very thing that defines our relationships and our ministry.  Simply put - when one shares, two grow.  


What is God calling you to do at this moment in time?  And who is helping you make that calling a reality?  Here at ECC, we believe both questions should have an answer, and that the second answer should be the church

One life at a time

We don’t care how many people come to church.  We care how many people follow Jesus Christ.  And at ECC we know that this happens best through relationships over time.  This is why our leaders and pastors are just as likely to be found in the community as they are at their desks.