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5 Ways to Get More Out of the ECC Community and Your Faith this Summer

By Justin Porath


1)  Let someone on staff buy you a cup of [insert favorite beverage here]  

A belief we hold close at ECC is that ministry is ultimately about relationships.  No amount of stage lighting, sermon illustrations, or brilliant ministry programming will ever be a substitute for two people huddling over a cup of something hot, getting to know one another.  So put our staff to the test! I’m a coffee guy myself.

2)  Volunteer for Mega Sports Camp

If you’re cautious about long-term commitments but still feel inspired to serve, consider being a part of Mega Sports Camp.  It’s a summer ministry to kids ages K-5th and only requires a 5 day total commitment.  Volunteer positions are well defined and they all boil down to having fun and loving kids from ECC and our community.      

3)  Browse the ECC Serve Page & Virtual Bulletin

A little browsing can go a long way. A lesser-known corner of the ECC virtual community, the Serve page puts our volunteer opportunities all in one place, making it easy to match your interests with the church’s needs.  Our weekly virtual bulletin and announcement pages are also great places to find out what's going on and how you can be a part of it.     

 Virtual Bulletin:

 ECC Serve Page:

4)  Attend a Class

Challenge yourself!  Dig into scripture in a safe environment where questions and dialogue are not only welcome but encouraged.  Periodically ECC hosts adult classes during the nine o'clock hour on Sunday mornings.  Classes run 3-5 weeks on a single Bible book or topic and are open to everyone ages 18 and up.  

5)  Skip the “we should…” and just gather 

The Christian life is meant to be lived and lived together.  And it all begins when one person is generous and bold enough to make something happen. So send that invite text, flip a few burgers, and before you know it those talk-about-the-weather Sunday acquaintances will be your next 2 AM-call friends.

Your Turn...

What are some ways you have found helpful to get more out of the ECC community?  We would love to hear, so leave a comment on the FB post or share with someone on staff.

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