At ECC we believe that money, like other resources, should be used to bless people.  It’s not a scorecard for success and it doesn’t make us any more spiritual for having or not having it.  It is simply one more area of life that we surrender to our God in faith.
As staff and leadership, we choose to live by the following giving principles, and invite our members and those invested in the mission of ECC to join with us.  
  • We give in faith. We believe in a God who can do far more than we ask or imagine.  Every dollar we give is a prayer that God will take our offering and amplify its impact in the world for his kingdom and purposes.

  • We give proportionally.  Each one of us gives a percentage of our income to the church.  Rather than deciding week to week how much we feel we can spare, we intentionally pray with our families ahead of time about the percentage of our income we feel led to give, and we give it.  As we grow spiritually, and as God takes care of our needs and we learn to trust him, we endeavor to increase that percentage.  It’s as simple as that.        

  • We give in community.  We give, not as individuals, but as part of a community of generosity and of faith.  Far from a solo project, our giving is a declaration of the kind of community we desire - a community of God’s abundance where no one may boast.   

  • We give consistently.  We give every week because we believe in this place and what God is doing here through the Spirit, and through us.  We see lives changed, people encouraged, believers baptized, youth mentored, adults discipled, and our community impacted for good.  We see all this, and we know in our hearts it has to continue.     

If you would like to join us and invest in the mission of ECC, simply click on one of the links below.  


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