[They met] day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house…

- Acts 5.42


It is our goal to have every member of our church involved in either a Life Group or another similar small group experience.
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In the wake of Jesus’ execution, his earliest followers began meeting in homes and small clusters to pray, share resources, discuss his life and teachings, eat together, and read scripture.
They saw in this man a radically new approach to life and relationships, one which simply wasn’t on offer anywhere else.  And rather than driving them to contemplate Jesus’ philosophy alone, this shared realization had precisely the opposite effect.  It drew them together.

ECC Philosophy

Our presence among others is significant because, whatever our preference, we all need companions to support us, challenge us, and help us grow.
Our belief here at ECC is that the Christian life is compelling precisely because it involves four things: worship, generosity, growth in community, and service.  But it is this third element - growth in community - that often remains elusive to us.

Q & A

What is a Life Group?
A Life Group is a group of about 15 people who simply wish to explore truth, reflect on experience, and grow among friends.  While most groups are sermon based, others are special-interest groups exploring topics related to the Christian life.  Our groups meet in convenient locations across the White Lake area.


What Happens When I Sign Up For A Life Group?
When you sign up, the leader of your new Life Group will contact you with the address of the Group’s meeting place, the date and time you’ll be starting on, and all the other information you’ll need to have a great experience.


When Will My Group Meet?
Life Groups meet once a week, and each meeting is about sixty to ninety minutes long.  


What Will The People In My Group Be Like?
Take a look around at a Sunday service.  A Life Group is fifteen or so people who attend ECC on a Sunday morning.  


Is There A Group That’s Right For Me?
Since there are a variety of groups, you’ll have the chance to share your life experiences with others who have similar ones.  And there is no penalty for visiting different groups to find a good fit!  We believe that the people of God have been created diverse to promote community and connections of all kinds.     


Can I Invite Others To Join The Group?
Of course!  Invite as many friends, co-workers, neighbors, family, etc. that aren’t connected to another church as you like. Our Life Groups are designed to get people connected to our church and to one another.


Download Church Center app (Android)


Download church center app (apple)


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