Jr. High League


Imagine a place where no matter what you were going through or what you looked like, you would be welcomed like a friend.


Imagine a place where you could explore who you are and what God has to do with it.


Imagine a group of Jr. highers just like you that meets weekly and loves to get crazy, eat, worship, and explore God’s word.


Imagine having your very own Pastor to talk to when life gets to be too much - when you need backup.  


Welcome to Jr. Hi-League...



Jr. Hi-league

Equipped with a one of a kind staff (and the only staff wild enough to handle these crazy students!), we bring the gospel to our community’s Jr. High students by providing community, discipleship, and mission through a variety of events and programs.
In a very small shell:
  • Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8 pm at ECC (900 S. Warner St, Whitehall)
  • Themed devotionals led by Pastors and Christian leaders from within the church and community.
  • Live, student-led worship that is authentic and high-energy.
  • Games, team building, small groups, free food, and flex-time to make new friends and connect with old ones. 
  • Conversational approach to Bible study and biblical truths.
  • Opportunities for prayer and slowing down with God.

Our weekends are filled with things like Camp Retreats, Mini Retreats, Gym & Movie Nights, caroling, service projects, and so much more!


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Breakfast Club

A Sunday morning Jr. high gathering designed to be conversational, relational, and relevant.  Gatherings center on a shared meal and study that is practical and biblical. Come check us out During 1st Service at the Lifehouse (615 E Lewis, next to the church).
In a shell:
  • Sunday mornings - 9am
  • September - May
  • Grades 6th-8th
  • Conversational, relational, and relevant


  • Chuck Connell
  • Courtney Connell
  • Gerry Spofford
  • Troy Love
  • Brian Normandin
  • Nate McWhinnie
  • John Spofford
  • Alison Shaffer
  • Carole Geiger
  • Debi Burr
  • Nick Pruett
  • Crystal Pruett