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Be seen.

The truth is there are many faith communities in the White Lake area where you can continue in or embark on your unique spiritual journey.  So be curious, explore!  Find a place where you can grow and see God at work around you.  And if you choose to explore with us, we would be thrilled!
At ECC we believe hospitality is part of what it means to be Christian. Whether you want to fly under the radar and explore on your own or be spoiled by our Connect Team, we’re confident your experience with us will be a good one.  




Be heard.

Nothing matters.  This is what we are most afraid of, a world full of edges and no centers.  At ECC we believe in the gospel - the good news of Jesus Christ - that not only does God exist, but that it is in God in whom we find true life - life with a center.
We live into this plot line by immersing ourselves in biblical community, community where we too have a voice and responsibility.  At ECC, this takes a variety of forms: Sunday gatherings, Bible studies, retreats, community outreach.  But our most basic platform for friendship and spiritual growth is what we like to call a Life Group.  




Be moved.  

An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.  At ECC we believe that it is impossible to have an encounter with the living God and remain unmoved.
In fact, we see the kingdom of God more as a movement than we do a building or precise location.  It is a reality, inspired by the collective efforts of God’s people, moved to do extraordinary things.  We simply believe that each of us has been saved for something.  Including you.

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