Exodus 1-2

    01.18.18 | by Chuck Connell

    As we have reached the end of Genesis and move toward Exodus, it is easy to look at a new book and forget about the previous one. It is important to remember that God is going to keep his promises! God promised Abraham blessing, land, and children. In the beginning of Exodus, we see that God is faithful in increasing the number of Abraham’s descendants.  A new king (Pharaoh) had taken power in Egypt, and began to worry as the Israelites have become too numerous for Egypt to control. This led to Pharaoh saying, “Every Hebrew boy that is born you must throw into the Nile, but let every girl live.” Will this be the end of God’s promise to Abraham?

    This order from Pharaoh is a tragic one. For the Israelite women to go through the pain of labor just to toss a baby into the Nile is unfathomable!  A man and woman from the tribe of Levi gave birth to a son (Moses). This mother decided to hide her child for three months until he was unable to be hidden anymore. She prepared a papyrus basket which was coated with tar and pitch and sent him down the Nile. The Pharaoh’s daughter found the baby and felt sorry for him. Immediately we see God show up! The slave who was with her was the sister of the baby. Moses was brought to his own mother to be nursed until he was returned to the Pharaoh’s daughter to be her son.

    Moses had everything going for him being the grandson of Pharaoh. Although Moses lived in Pharaoh’s palace, he had a Hebrew identity. He did not like to see the other Hebrews treated like slaves. My hope is that as we live in this secular world that we do not forget our identity in Christ. It is easy to find ourselves in places where it may be uncomfortable to share our identity with others. When I was in the Army, I wore a uniform that allowed me to be camouflaged to the area I was in. We did this to blend in with the environment. Living this life as a Christian it is important to remember it is not about fitting in and being camouflaged but embracing our identity in Him.

    God’s promises are fulfilled! Continue reading His word and listening for Him.