1 Kings

    04.12.18 | by Chuck Connell


    The book of 1 Kings starts out with David reminding his son Solomon to be faithful to God. When Solomon’s reign begins he asks God for wisdom then he goes off and builds the temple. Just after finishing the temple Solomon has a meltdown and begins marrying a ton of women and worshiping the gods that they worship. Rehoboam follows as king after Solomon. Then, as time passes, other kings come to power.

    The focus in the story moves in 1 Kings 17 with the Prophet Elijah. He is bold and challenges Israel to repent and begin to follow the one true God. Elijah’s story on Mount Carmel is one that shows the boldness of what it meant to be one of the Lord’s Prophets. I am thankful for this story as it has been vital for me to see how Elijah truly trusted in God!

    "I did not understand why I was not born to a family that built me up..."

    God was so faithful to me in sharing with our church on Sunday. 1 Kings 17-18 was the bulk of the content that was used for the message. It has been very clear that many/most of the people at this time turned away from God. For most of my life I found myself questioning the circumstances of my life. I did not understand why I was not born to a family that built me up and pushed me to maximize my potential. I found myself searching for satisfaction in achievement instead of looking to God. My Sophomore year of High School was the first year I had joined a team. Track was the sport, and after having just a few practices I began to realize that I could be good at something. I have found myself asking the question “what if” many times in my life. What if I had been put in this sport or that sport at a young age. I am overjoyed that I started surrounding myself with people who love me for who I am today. I no longer need to ask the question “what if.” The question I strive to ask now is “what’s next,” both wondering and trusting that God’s plan for me is more than enough. This is an easy question to begin to ask God after reading 1 Kings.

    Elijah has been such an encouragement to me! I am so thankful for this Bible Project Challenge and looking forward to seeing how God continues to work through our church family as we read the Bible in one year!